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  1. Put the words in the right order.
  2. increase, that, prices, We, next, predict,will, month, to, continue,


  1. every, more, products, Their,year, three, company,than, manufactures


  1. information, about,bank, account, The, some, wants,your


  1. money, try, We, not, waste, not, things, by, that, buying,we, need, don t


  1. accounts, figures,The, in, the, you, that, correct, prepare,always, are
    1. Choose the correct optiona-c to complete the sentences.




  1. The company......... in car sales for many years.
    1. dealt                   b) has beendealing            c) was dealing


  1. Вefore John celebrated his 26th birthday,he....... his own company.
    1. started                       b) has started                  c) had started


  1. By the end of the month I......... this project.
    1. will finish                 b) will have finished       c) finish


  1. We .........this productsince the beginningof the year.
    1. were producing               b) produced              c) have been producing


  1. This strategy seems to be good. Sales of our products......... for some time.
    1. increase                    b) are increasing              c) have been increasing


  1. We........ to an agreement on the terms of paymentbefore you arrived.
    1. have come                      b) had come              c) came





  1. Complete each sentence with a verb in the correct form, - ing or to...
  2. She joined the projectmainly because she was interested in money.
    1. to make                         b) making


  1. He gave up          at University after he got the job.
    1. studying                   b) to study


  1. Julia is interested in         herown business.
    1. starting                       b) to start


  1. I have decided         from my work.
    1. resigning                    b) to resign


  1. They must increase the salary         the right applicants.
    1. to attract                        b) attracting


  1. We should finish......... the software beforegiving it to users.
    1. testing                   b) to test








  1. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.
  2. Sales representatives from all the regions attendedthe meeting. The meeting  by sales representatives from all the regions.
    1. is attended                                  b) was attended


  1. I have invested my money in real estate. My money in real estate.
    1. has been invested                    b) has invested


  1. We will deliverthe goods immediately. The goods............... immediately.
    1. will be delivered                     b) will delivered


  1. You told us there would be a bigger discount. We     there would be a bigger discount.
    1. were told                                 b) are told


  1. She didn t sign the contract. The contract................ by her.
    1. isn t signed                              b) wasn tsigned





  1. Underline the correct words.


  1. If the market becomes / will become too saturated , demandmay drop off.
  2. We wouldn t have any money,if we didn t work / wouldn twork hard.
  3. He will be able to pay all his bills if he will find / finds a good job.





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