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Variant №4

I.    Match the words with the definitions.

1)   earnings                        a) financial protection

2)   consumption                 b) income

3)   recession                        c) the members of the population able to work

4)   workforce                     d) the amount of a product that people buy or use

5)   imports                         e) the people who control a country and make laws

6)   insurance                      f) when there is not enough of something

7)   government                  g) goods and services a country buy abroad

8)   shortage                        h) a serious slowing down of the economy


Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:



 II.    Complete each sentence with a word from the box.






auction       manufacturers

demandaccountantinterest rates           price

Unfortunately,........ for our products raised a little last year.

They have lowered the........ of the product because the average customer can t

afford it.

The Bank of England has again lowered ......., this time from 5% to 4.5%.

4........... produce new goods from raw materials.

A.......... is someone who buys and sells stock.

In an ……., the item for sale is sold to the customer who offers the highest price.

In the winter sales the shops often give a……. of up to 50%.

My......... always prepares my tax return for me.

Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:



III.  Match ( 1-8) with ( a-h) to make sentences.


  1. Who is going to be


  1. Mergers and acquisitions are taking place between


  1. Have you seen


  1. Sales are up by 50%


  1. I work for a company


  1. We plan to launch a new sales campaign


  1. These types of products are becoming


  1. Our market researchers have come to the conclusion that


a)    last month s sales figures?


b)   that does outdoor advertising.


c)  compared to this time last year.


d)  increasingly popular.


e)    this is an effective approach .


f)    large companies in the same industry.


g)  to attract new customers.


h)  in the charge of this project?

Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:


 IV.  Put the words in the right order.

  1. jobs, their, a lot, There, of, changes, are, staff, and , worried, are, about
  2. 2below, a price, for, Please, us, the, quote, goods, listed
  3. deal, Everybody, that, was , great, a, knew, it
  4. address, I, wrong, I m, wrote, the, on, afraid, delivery, the, package
  5. deposit, let, Please, know, us, needed, how, is, much

V.   Choose the correct option a-c to complete the sentences.

How long....... in sales?

a)  do you work           b) have you been working      c) were you working

By the time I came back from my business trip, a lot of things ....... .

a)   had changed             b) has changed                         c) changed

The company is huge. It........ a thousand new jobs since the beginning of last


a)   created                      b) had created                          c) has created

We ....... this product since the beginning of the year.

a)  have produced           b) have been producing           c) had produced

I m afraid the company is going bankrupt. It........ big problems lately.

a)  had                          b) has had                            c) was having

Before John celebrated his 26th birthday, he.......... his own company

a)   started                    b) has started                     c) had started

Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:



 VI.      Complete each sentence with a verb in the correct form, - ing or to...

The company succeeded in........ a profit.

a)  to make                        b) making

I regret........ so much money last week.

a)  spending                       b) to spend

  1. The buyers want....... our terms of payment.

a)  knowing                       b) to know

  1. It s obvious he s only interested in...... money.

a)  to make                         b) making

  1. We should........ the software before giving it to users.

a)  testing                            b) test

  1. The agent promised....... me as soon as the new product became available.

a)  to call                              b) calling

Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:

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